Schedule Paperback Setup

You can submit your paperback materials in a few ways:

  • During the cover creation process...

    you're welcome to email your materials directly to me or log into your project board and comment directly on your project. Your paperback cover will be delivered with the rest of your files, after you've approved your final proofs.

  • If it's been more than a month since your custom cover was completed...

    please submit your materials from your project board.

  • Your paperback cover will be returned within 10 business days from the date you schedule. 
  • If you are not able to submit all the details for your cover today, you can email them to me later. However, please be aware that the 10 day turn around time does not begin until all your materials have been sent.
  • If you require two separate paperback setups because you’re planning to print with two separate printers (example, both KDP & Ingram Spark), please fill out a second form.
    • Premium Packages include a second setup at no additional charge.
    • Standard Packages will be charged $25 for the additional setup.
I will make your cover to the exact specifications indicated when you submit your materials.