Stock Photo Galleries

As part of your custom cover package, I will hand-select stock photos for your cover based on your specific criteria. You’ll have an opportunity to review them, provide feedback, and request additional sets of images in order to find the perfect couple for your story. 

You’ll automatically be setup with a public gallery. If you’d prefer a private gallery, you can read more about it below. You can view your gallery by signing into your project board.

Check out the short video below showing you exactly where to find it.

The difference between
public & private galleries

Public Gallery

Private Gallery

  • No registration required

    Your gallery will be accessible via a public link that I will send to you when your gallery is ready. While I only share the direct link to your gallery with you, you should be aware that any client can navigate to your gallery from their own.

  • Registration required

    I'll create a private library and invite you as a collaborator. You'll need to register with, a bookmark app, to access and contribute to your gallery, and it will be completely private and only accessible to you.

  • Easily share the gallery with others

    Since you'll have a public link, you can easily share it with others who you may want to be part of the decision process.

  • Invite others to join your gallery

    As a collaborator, you'll be able to invite users directly to your private gallery, but they'll need to register to see your images.

  • Access from your project board

    A direct link to your public gallery can be found on ClickUp, where you will review and approve proofs. You won't be able to log into the gallery and find it that way.

  • Access via direct login

    In addition to a direct, private link on your project board on ClickUp, you'll also be able to log into the app to access your gallery.

  • Simple view only mode

    Your gallery will be view only. You'll be ablke to click on links and go to the site where the stock image is located, but you will not be able to add bookmarks, files, or mark favorites.

  • Manage your gallery

    Collaborators have full access to manage their gallery. You'll be able to add bookmarks and files, create folders for better organization, and delete bookmarks for images you don't want.

If your preference is to continue using public galleries, you don’t need to do anything else. Your gallery link will be sent to you when it’s ready.

If you’d prefer to use a private gallery, please send me an email at or PM me on Facebook to have one setup for you.