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This print cover addon includes one print template setup with professional text and layout design to match your cover art. If you would like to add a print cover, please add this product to your. Need more than one template setup? Add the additional quantity you need to have them completed at the same time.*

Important Details:

  • After checkout you’ll receive a download with additional information about how to request your print cover setup, including the details you need to send with your request. Print covers will be returned within 10 business days after receiving all your print cover details.
  • The print cover you receive will be created along the lines of the examples shown to the right. Whether you have an image that wraps around to the back of your cover depends on whether your cover art is wide enough to accomodate that. When the cover art is not wide enough to wrap around the back of the print cover, I’ll finish your print cover with a hand painted background that blends with the main color palette of your artwork.
  • If you would like additional artwork created for your back cover, please let me know and we can definitely adjust for that.

*Please be aware that you must provide me with the template yourself if you are using any publisher other than Amazon.

Need an eBook or Print Cover?

By popular request, premade covers no longer automatically include eBook or print covers, so you only pay for what you need. If you'd like to add eBook or print, please add a book cover setup to your order.

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