Photo-Illustrated Packages

Choose from the three packages below, or if you prefer more customization, scroll down to the Extras menu for more options. 
These packages can be booked for any genre of romance. If you’re looking for illustrated package rates, you’ll find them below.

Vanity Package



  • 1600 x 2650 px artwork
  • A modest, but gorgeous, character-free cover suitable for a broader audience.
  • 2 revision rounds
  • Professional eBook title design
  • ** Does not include hand-painting. **​

Essential Package



  • 3200 x 5300 px artwork (eBook ratio)
  • High-end publisher quality photo-illustration to suit your story.
  • 3 revision rounds
  • Professional ebook title design
  • ** Does not include hand-painting. **

Signature Package



  • Essential Package, plus:
  • **The Swoonies Signature hand-painted gown + other painted elements**
  • Expanded 5300 x 5300 px artwork
  • Convert contemporary stock to historical.
  • One KDP Paperback PDF
Looking for a fully-illustrated cover? These are priced on an individual basis since the details on these can vary widely. Please feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page for a custom quote.


Add something from the Extras menu to enhance your package. 

Print & Audiobook

Print Cover



  • One print template setup with professional text and layout design to match your cover art.

Additional Print Covers



  • If you need templates setup for multiple printers, you can request an additional print setup for a small fee.

Audiobook Cover



  • One audiobook design using your existing cover art and ebook title setup, reformated to fit a square crop.