Premade eBook & Print Cover Requests

To get your cover setup, you’ll need to provide the following:

For eBook: 

  • Title of your book.
  • Author name or PNG of author name to use in place of me designing it on my own.

For print:

  • Finalized blurb.
  • Trim size.
  • Number of pages of the final, formatted manuscript that you plan to send to the printer
  • Paper type (cream, white, or color).

Although these are not required, you may also want to include the following:

  • Quotes you want to include.
  • If you’d like it to say NTY Bestseller or USA Today Bestselling Author or some variation, please include those details.
  • Graphics or icons you want on your cover (for example, publisher and author logos, or series graphics).
  • Social media, email, or websites you want to include.
  • Anything else you may need.

Please proof read and triple check for spelling and grammar issue. I’ll copy and paste all of the provided details as they are written. Please don’t rely on me to proof read. I’m dyslexic and there’s a high liklihood I will miss something. 

Covers will be returned within 10 business days.

If you prefer, you can send an email instead of using this form.

Premade eBook & Print Cover Request Form
Upload a document with your cover details or enter them in the Cover Details field below.
There may be an additional fee if any of the above are not included in your package or purchased premade cover. I'll notify you if this is the case before completing your covers.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

Will there be additional fees?

I rarely charge additional fees for paperback setups, except for the following situations:

  • If your premade cover did not include an ebook, print, or audiobook cover, you may be charged for these. I will notify you in advance if that is the case.
  • Contemporary and standard HR covers include one paperback setup. (Example, Ingram Spark or KDP). If you need both, there will be a $15 charge for the second cover.
  • Requesting to change the trim size or page number count for the template after the print cover has already been created to different specifications will result in a $25 fee. This type of change requires starting over again with a new template.
    • The main reason this happense is when:
      • The paperback setup is requested before finalizing the manuscript
      • The page count provided is from an unformatted document that has not yet been prepared for the printer. Always provide the page count for the final manuscript that you plan to send to the printer. 
  • Excessive creative changes after final approval. I’m more than happy to make some changes after the booking window is closed, within reason. Escessive requests will be charged based on the complexity of the request.