The swoonies uses a deadline based booking system

Instead of choosing a timeslot to indicate the period when your cover will be created, you’ll indicate a deadline and your cover will be completed at some point before then. This allows for maximum flexibility and enables me to meet your target deadlines more efficiently. I’m typically fully booked 6-9 months into the future, but you may find the occasional opening, so it’s definitely worth checking.

Book in four easy steps:

  1. Using the calendar below, scroll ahead to select your deadline. 
  2. Select a time (shown beneath the calendar).
  3. Enter your full name, email address, and click the Book Me button. 
  4. You’ll automatically be routed to a page to pay your deposit. Make your payment within 24 hours and you’re done!

That’s it! You’re Booked!

Available dates are shown in white. If you see no open dates before your deadline, that means I may not have availability to complete your cover by that date. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the Custom Covers page to check with me about my availability. I always budget time for time sensitive services, so please contact me if you have a need. 

choosing your deadline:

Select the latest date you’d like to receive your completed ebook cover files from me. 

Plan time to order a proof of your paperback cover and request edits.

Be sure to factor 
in time for
publishing tasks
on your end.

Print covers can be completed with your ebook or a later date with 2-wk notice.

In most cases, my clients receive their files 1-2 weeks before their deadlines.




  • Standard package, plus:
  • Unlimited background photos
  • Convert contemporary models to historical
  • Hand-painting
  • Head & body swaps
  • Custom crafted background
  • Full size, high-resolution artwork
  • Up to 3 revision rounds
  • Spine, back cover design, & two print PDFs
  • Audiobook (upon request)


Payments towards your custom cover are due on the following schedule:

$50 deposit due upon booking. $150 due before work begins. $200 balance due upon completion.


Your Booking Window is the period of time before your chosen deadline when I will likely be doing the bulk of the creative work on your cover. For the most part, you don’t need to be aware of this. But it is helpful to understand what your booking window is so you’re aware of when your second payment is due. This payment brings your deposit up to 50% of the cover and is required to be paid before work begins. 

Your booking window opens the first day of the month prior to your chosen deadlineFor example, if your deadline is in August 2023, your booking window will open July 1, 2023. 

Two weeks before your booking window opens, you’ll receive an automatic email with a payment link to make your second payment. Work will only begin on your cover once payment is received. The work on your cover will be done at any point during the month to two months your deadline, sometimes earlier. Covers are always completed in order of deadline and delivered before the deadline passes.

For more information about billing and policies, please see the FAQ.