The Digital Romance Readers Companion


The digital version of the Romance Reader’s Companion is perfect tablet users! Load it up in a note taking app like GoodNotes and jot away. Easily duplicate pages so you never run out of space.

What you Get:

  • 19 unique page styles to categorize, log, and note down absolutely eveerything you want to track about your reads.
  • High resolution PDF, PNG & JPG versions of the journal.


A cure for book hangovers, The Romance Reader’s Companion is a salve for your ravaged, romance addicted heart. More than just a place to collect your memories, this unique journal pairs perfectly with any romance novel. Within the highly organized, easy to use pages, you’ll find space to jot down everything from the quotes that make your heart go pitter-patter to the steamy moments that set you on fire, and everything in between.

Once you finish pouring the details of the last book you read into the review pages of your journal, devote your energy to planning and selecting your next read…because nothing soothes a lovelorn heart like a new infatuation. Packed with features to help you set reading goals, track reading habits, plan your to-read list, and many other ways to categorize, catalog, and keep track of your favorite books and authors, you’ll never want for what to read again.

Inside, you’ll also find a customizable table of contents and index to organize all the reviews you complete, making it the perfect combination of indispensable reference and beautiful journal. Whether you’re reading a book for a second time or simply flipping through the pages of the Companion to reminisce, you’ll find yourself falling in love all over again.

This elegant, sophisticated journal is the perfect companion for all your romance novel obsessions, with plenty of space to tumble head-long into every swoon-worthy word and file those moments away like little love notes to return to later.

  • This journal includes space for content warnings.
  • Gendered language is excluded so you can keep track of any and all of your romance novels! Love is love.



  • For personal use only.
  • For one person across as many devices as you have.
  • Use by additional people requires an additional purchase per person.

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