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Elite Historical Cover Deposit

This $50 deposit reserves your place in my calendar for one Elite Historical Custom Cover Package booking. The deposit is refundable until 3 months before your booking window opens and will be deducted from the balance of your cover upon completion. The full price for a Standard Package Ebook cover is $200. You’ll be billed for the remainder, along with any upgrades, at a later date.

Before booking, please review this informational page about booking dates, your booking window, and when payments are due.

The Elite Historical Package Includes:
  • Premium package, plus:
  • 1 exclusive model stock image from my personal collection of custom shoots ($250+ value).*
  • Up to 5 revision rounds
  • Expanded custom crafted background with complex scenery
  • Face sculping & painting
  • Commercial licensing for all images used in your cover.**
  • Companion Journal cover and basic interior.
  • Free post-print edits for up to a year after the print cover is delivered
  • Behind the scenese cover design video – $150


*Since I’ve been able to invest in my own exclusive shoots, I’m able to offer commercial and exclusive images at a significant discount. If you choose not to use one of my exclusive photos for your cover, a commercially licensed image of the models will be required. Depending on where this image comes from, it may incur an additional fee. If you’re interested in this option, let me know, and I can provide more details.

**Commercially licensed covers must use images from my sources. For more information about commercial licensing and swag, click here.


The total cost of this cover is $550.
Image shown is an example and is not included in this purchase.

Make It Yours With Name Your Price!

For a short time, I’m offering the option to name your price. This lets you pick a price that fits your budget. If you can, considering the quality and value of the cover in your offer helps support my work. It’s all about finding a price that feels right for both of us.

Every design produced by The Swoonies falls under the terms of The Swoonies License Agreement