1600-1800 Historical Household Items


This bundle includes 200 years of of historical household items in multiple formats for maximum flexibility. These are perfect for authors, book bloggers, PA’s, crafters, scrapbookers, and so many more. Use the transparent PNGs for new digital art or print them for junk journaling, scrapbooking, and other crafts. Engage your audience with Canva templates and use the digital papers for unique social media backgrounds.

– 72 PNG graphics on transparent backgrounds
– 72 multi-color changable Canva elements
– 72 super fun Canva photo frames
– Numbered reference guide with all household item names indicated

– The license for this product is non-transferrable and is to be used by ONE BUSINESS or for PERSONAL USE only.

For example:
– Authors may use the templates to promote their own books.
– Authors may allow PA’s to use these templates to promote books on their own behalf.
– PA’s may use the templates to promote books for one author.
– Book bloggers & reviewers may use the templates for unlimited authors as part of their business media. -Designers may use these designs to create new products as long as significant value has been added to your end product.
– Anyone may print and make physical products for personal use, or for sale if additional value has been added.
– You MAY NOT upload these images to other stock/graphics sites or resell them “as is” in any capacity. You must add significant, new value to the images to use them in your commercial designs that you plan to resell.

Click the magnifying glass to zoom and arrow through the photos.