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Standard Historical Cover Deposit

This $50 deposit reserves your place in my calendar for one Standard Historical Custom Cover Package booking. The deposit is refundable until 3 months before your booking window opens and will be deducted from the balance of your cover upon completion. The full price for a Standard Package Ebook cover is $200. You’ll be billed for the remainder, along with any upgrades, at a later date.

Before booking, please review this informational page about booking dates, your booking window, and when payments are due.

The Standard Historical Package Includes:
  • Free consultation via Facebook, phone, or email.
  • 1 model stock photo in period costume (up to $12)
  • Up to 3 background photos.
  • Curated stock photo selections
  • Professional ebook & title design
  • Up to 2 revision rounds
  • Does not include hand-painting.
  • Audiobook – $25
  • Behind the scenese cover design video – $150
  • Companion journal – $50 and up


The total cost of this cover is $250.
Image shown is an example and is not included in this purchase.

Make It Yours With Name Your Price!

For a short time, I’m offering the option to name your price. This lets you pick a price that fits your budget. If you can, considering the quality and value of the cover in your offer helps support my work. It’s all about finding a price that feels right for both of us.

Every design produced by The Swoonies falls under the terms of The Swoonies License Agreement