Standard Historical Cover Deposit


This $50 deposit reserves your place in my calendar for one Standard Historical Custom Cover Package booking. The deposit is refundable until 3 months before your booking window opens and will be deducted from the balance of your cover upon completion. The full price for a Standard Package Ebook cover is $200. You’ll be billed for the remainder, along with any upgrades, at a later date.

Before booking, please review this informational page about booking dates, your booking window, and when payments are due.

The Standard Historical Package Includes:
  • Free consultation via Facebook, phone, or email.
  • 1 model stock photo in period costume (up to $12)
  • Up to 3 background photos.
  • Curated stock photo selections
  • Professional ebook & title design
  • Up to 2 revision rounds
  • Does not include hand-painting.
  • Audiobook – $25
  • Behind the scenese cover design video – $150
  • Companion journal – $50 and up


The total cost of this cover is $250.
Image shown is an example and is not included in this purchase.

Need an eBook or Print Cover?

By popular request, premade covers no longer automatically include eBook or print covers, so you only pay for what you need. If you'd like to add eBook or print, please add a book cover setup to your order.

Add eBook & Print here

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