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The Ladies Guide to Garden Tools

Premade Cover Art

Snag this beutiful and unique artwork to elevate your next novel.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Eye-catching, large-scale artwork to captivate your audience.
  • Included eBook aspect ratio for your convenience.
  • Artwork expertly exported to four different sizes in versatile JPG format.
  • Plus, a bonus: an Amazon-compliant artwork with covered legs, shown below.

Take a peek at the bonus cover below:

Need a eBook title & print cover?
For a short time, when you add a paperback wrap, the eBook title design comes free! You can easily add that here.

After completing your puchase, you’ll receive a downloadable file with details on how to access your designs.


Make It Yours With Name Your Price!

For a short time, I’m offering the option to name your price. This lets you pick a price that fits your budget. If you can, considering the quality and value of the cover in your offer helps support my work. It’s all about finding a price that feels right for both of us.

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